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Hello World!!! or is it Hello again?

Went to an animal refuge in Arkansas yesterday. 100 big cats. Lions, tigers, bears, cougars and a coati. What is surprising is that they have all been rescued from various breeders and private individuals owning them as pets.

Declawed, tired, beaten, underfed, dumped in a garage as a cub along with motor oil and vehicle parts, scary how these people live. Seeing a majestic lion or a huge Bengal white tiger hobble along painfully because of a bad de-clawing or arthritis takes away the awe, sort of bursts the impression of strength that they are supposed to project.

Not to say that these cannot inflict harm, one swipe of that old lions paw could gut a man like a fish knife. They have been treated as pets, just the thought of having a tiger as a pet is somehow so wrong. These animals are not meant to be pets, they are to range wild. To be free.

There are apparently more than 10,000 lions and tigers across America as pets or kept for breeding. There are just over 7000 in the wild apparently.

Is the tiger going the way of the dog? Will the king of the jungle be called 'man's best friend' 50 years from now and be fed in a bowl of Purina made Lion Chow?

The average going rate for a seat in the AP elections is apparently 11 crores.

Apply a 2x return at minimum and watch it fly. Whoever thought public service can be so lucrative.

On a side note - Shane Warne and the Royals are now popularizing mustaches. Wonder if Shil-puh Shetty's got anything to say to that.

Why so serious?
I recently watched The Dark Knight, been wanting to buy the DVD after seeing the movie at the local IMAX. This is one movie where the 'villian' outshone the hero so much that that a good actor like Christian Bale was almost playing second fiddle.

Heath Ledger..the Joker..was there a difference?

What are the Indian (Bollywood or otherwise) movies where this has happened?

Hello World!
Figured I'd start writing again here. Somewhere along the way life caught up with my writing and I ended up neglecting it. There has been so much water under the bridge since the last time I posted. Priorities changed, I changed, my surroundings changed and the concept of familiarity became more fleeting.

Sometimes I wonder, why does change bother us so much? Do we really think that we will hold on to status quo and our efforts would help maintain it? Hmm..

Le Roi est mort!! Vive le Roi!!
Perverse pleasure, watching India break the Aussie streak of 16 wins.. yet again.

We were good, what struck me most about this win was how the team stood up to the aussies. Giving it back verbally is not all if you cannot match their intensity when they play. Watching Mitchell Johnson and Stuart Clark play was the truest indication of Aussie spirit. Never give up, never say die.

India played out of their skins, now the only thing left is to not blow this up or imagine this to be victory over the aussies complete. Win battle, lose war anyone?

This to me was the defining moment! Image from Cricinfo's excellent gallery.


Lemon Tree
Sitting here in a boring room .... every time i think of those words i remember the song Lemon Tree.

There used to be a lemon tree outside our house.. though it was hardly the stuff of songs. A rather tenacious one it was, holding fort in a narrow passage, daring anyone to cut it down.

Summertime meant picking lemons for lemon juice and grandmothers pickle. Funnily never used to eat lime pickle. Mango pickle was my weakness. But the lemon tree was an assignment that always fell to me. Go pluck lemons used to be the command and the reward was endless glasses of ice cold lemon juice.

I think it got cut down finally, along with other of its invisible neighbours, remember feeling a sense of loss. A part of my childhood, irreversibly uprooted.

Maybe I will look for a narrow passage, where I can plant a lemon tree..

Hunt over...for now!!
Found a place to call home. As the song goes .. where I lay my head, I call home.

Slightly far off from the workplace, but seems like a good place. Theres family within walking distance. Thats always a good thing.

The commute is interesting, I read somewhere that when people try to cut in before you in traffic, you do not react, merely smile and let them get ahead. This reduces tension for you and your way ahead also clears up.

I tried that for a bit and ended up looking like a lunatic tortoise.

Sometimes I just wonder at the apparent ease with which vehicles drive in Hyderabad. There is not much observed in terms of traffic rules and adjustments are made galore.

The other day, was driving down the Begumpet flyover and a autorickshaw going the other way suddenly decided that he needed to go back. Bingo!! simply do a U-turn. Not even blinking an eyelid or considering there are vehicles all around you. One can simply stare...

Saw Ta Ra Rum Pum over the weekend. Plot partially inspired by Talladega Nights (not a particularly great movie by itself) me thought. The little girl was annoying and almost wound me up. Holes in the story line so large that you could drive a truck through it.

Bah humbug!!

Back 2 Black
Moved back to Hyderabad.

Rejoined Old Company.

Same (relatively!) faces, different place.

Obscenely high rentals (city, especially the landlords gone all greedy) = no house yet.

Amazing bunch of people as relatives. Proud to be part of this family.